The Right Attendees For Your Event

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Algorithm Accuracy

56% of Display Ads are Never Seen

Brands need a better way to reach their target audience other than digital marketing. Many factors could turn away potential customers, such as the ad for the event being presented at the wrong time. Not only that, but 30% of people would have purchased tickets to an event, had they known about it.

The Solution

The Right Audience For Your Event

With 80% accuracy, Socero's algorithm is able to predict whether a user is interested in an event or not. When a user is presented with your event, there is a high chance that it is something they would go to. We present your event when the user is looking for something to do, and we present it to a user that has shown interest. We present your event at the right time to the right user.

Reach Students Looking for Your Events

Socero’s userbase consists of 18-25 year olds, which is the demographic that attends the most events.

4.82x More Effective

Socero’s userbase attends 4.82x more events than national average.


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